Mission and Values

We share the principles expressed in the United Nations Global Compact and our business development is guided by transparent, principled and compassionate practices, and we expect the same attitude from our partners.

The loyalty of Delta Cafés to its founding values and mission is manifested in the responsibility to create products and services with added value, taking care to minimise harmful environmental and social impacts.
Delta invests in the continuous and progressive improvement of its products, services and performance through an Integrated Management System. We guarantee food safety throughout the supply chain for the products and services sold, ensuring traceability, control of critical points and operational prerequisites detected in the risk analysis. For this purpose we have a multidisciplinary Food Safety team that operates in all of the company’s areas/sectors.

Delta’s performance is guided by participation in various social causes, aiming to contribute to its sustainable growth.

We are not in favour of immediate benefits that compromise the company’s sustainable growth. We recognise the need to ensure a sustainable, long-term financial return through a process of responsible innovation and investment, and to advance the brand’s internationalisation process.

One of our priorities is to implement a culture of innovation and shared knowledge, based on the principles of sustainable design and energy efficiency, that fosters competitiveness and ensures our leadership in the markets in which we operate. Our management model values entrepreneurial ability and the spirit of continuous improvement.

Humility is intrinsic and reflected in our informal working environment and the day-to-day relationships among employees.

We advocate the disclosure of accurate, clear and transparent information that always corresponds to factual reality.